FITsy Academy

If you have the following 3 criteria:
  • You have strong interest and passionate towards the fitness world
  • Like to build a career in fitness,
  • Want to learn from the leading master instructors in the industry
Welcome to the FITsy Academy Instructor Program. Our courses are solely catered for you as a perfect preparatory and equipped you to have all the basic qualification for you to kick start your career as fitness instructor. FITsy Academy consist of combination of award-winning master instructors and programs will lead you through our extensive range of fitness instructor courses. We are confident, here is the starting point for you to develop your skill and heading to the new challenge in the fitness industry.

Prepare for the real world During the course, you will experience yourself in a learning all fitness fundamental in a fitness studio and the real class environment will be used for practice session. So, you will get used with the environmental issue and overcome live members problem. After the beginners stage, practical training is done by shadowing senior instructors in leading the class. This is important to expose students to the variety of classes situation, and many factors that you will come across in the real world.

Career Prospect Graduates will find ample opportunity in fitness industry, wellness, beauty and healthcare. We will help our students find the right job for them with our job placement program. This is our guarantee.

Continues Learning Program (CLP) Your training doesn’t stop upon graduation. All FITsy Academy students are automatically enrolled into our Continues Learning Program (CLP) where you have access to our Master Instructors’ assistance for skill improvement or refreshment, our Education Advisors for job related challenges or even our management team for managerial and entrepreneurial solutions. Professional & Positive mindset & attitude brings us the passion for never stop learning.

Teacher Training Program - Instructor Training Program - Aerial - Flying Yoga
Teacher Training Program - Instructor Training Program - Dance - Zumba
Teacher Training Program - Instructor Training Program - Martial - Kickboxing
Teacher Training Program - Instructor Training Program - Pilates

Objective and Mission

  • To promote & proven fitness is a career that combine art & technical skills, furthermore it is a respective & prospective profession.
  • Lecture & manipulate new generation fitness instructor to have positive attitude, culture, profession of the fitness career.
  • Not only training but also provide correct professional fitness knowledge and skills.
  • Search & train new generation of fitness instructor in order to enhance the quality and progress of fitness Industry.

List of Instructor Courses

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Kpop
  • Fitness Personal Trainer
  • and many more….


What is prerequisite of being an instructor?
Passionate about fitness, healthy and love to sharing knowledge with others.

What can I do after I completed the course?
You can be an fitness instructor in fitness industry, wellness, beauty and healthcare.

Will I get job placement after each course?
Yes, all graduate will put on job placement

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, all graduate will get a certificate. Certain courses come with 20 hours practical where you will receive allowance.

Is there any limitation on age, gender to become an instructor?
There are no age or gender limitation to become an instructor.

Is there an installment plan for the course?
Yes, we have installment plan and we accept major credit cards.

Contact us for more details
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