The Art Of Falling 3 Hours Workshop

The Art Of Falling 3 Hours Workshop

The Art of Falling August 2020 Workshop
The Art of Falling is a practice that starts functional, and then becomes entertaining. It begins with ideas on how to fall well, both in and out of dance, and then takes these concepts and transforms them into a method of creating movement that is exciting to watch and deeply engaging to perform.

Eventually, the work becomes acrobatic, allowing practitioners to learn dangerous movements safely, while finding off-balance angles and lines ever easier to tap into as the fear of falling disappears, and becomes an art.

The Art Of Falling (译为”坠落的艺术”) 是一个从实用性演变成娱乐性的训练。它是从在表演中如何完美的坠落,如何淡入淡出一支舞蹈,这些概念改成一种让人振奋且深入欣赏的舞姿去表演。 不仅如此,此工作坊已变得杂技化,可让各位练习生如何在安全的措施与条件下学习各种挑战性动作,同时找到自身的平衡点让自己的恐惧从中消失,让坠落变成一种艺术。

第一课 Session 1 (1.5 hour) :

This class will focus on the techniques and foundational ideas of The Art of Falling. Beginning with a breakdown of technical movements, the class will progress into the introduction of a few key concepts that will help to allow you to find uses of The Art of Falling that are unique to yourself.   此工作坊将重点介绍《坠落的艺术 : The Art Of Falling 》的技巧和基本思想。从技术动作的细分开始,本课程将逐步介绍一些关键概念,这些概念将帮助您找到自己独特的”坠落的艺术”用法。

第二课 Session 2 (1.5 hour) :

Building on the ideas and techniques taught in the first class, the second class will focus on teaching movement combinations as a means of contextualising what had been learnt before, illustrating some of the creative possibilities of The Art of Falling. 在第一堂课教授的概念和技术的基础上,再将一连串的动作整合,创意演变成可塑性高的《坠落的艺术 : The Art Of Falling 》。
20th Aug 2020 (Public Holiday on Thursday)

10:30 – 12:00 & 13:30 – 15:00 (3 Hours)


FITsy Sri Petaling

Investment Fees
1 session RM45 / 2 sessions RM70

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ABOUT WEI- AN (Experienced Dancer and Chereographer)

Wei-An started dancing because he thought it was cool, and thus he decided to study dance and enroll in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, he went on to dance in Frontier Danceland, and has recently moved on to become an independent artist.

During his time as a dancer, Wei-An has had the opportunity to work with choreographers like Pichet Klunchun, Wu Chien Wei, Noa Zuk, Ole Khamchanla, Shahar Binyamini, Gabrielle Nankivell and Luke Smiles, and Sita Ostheimer. In 2018 Hwa completed the ELEMENT Residency at Dance Nucleus in Singapore, as well as a residency in Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, during which the piece The Art of Falling was made.

Wei-An was also selected by the M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore) to collaborate with the Dab Dance Project (S. Korea) to create a work called Ignoramus, which has been performed in both Singapore, Korea, and Canada.

Today, Wei-An continues to delve into the worlds of hip-hop dance, b-boying, and tricking; disciplines that feed into his contemporary dance practice. He also organises an annual event called Paradigm Shift, aimed at bringing contemporary dancers together with dancers of other backgrounds and influences.

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